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Chillennium 2017 continued the growing trend, with 310 students participating from 21 schools, including 2 teams from Sheridan College in Canada. This not only made Chillennium 2017 the first international Chillennium, but it also broke the record for the largest student game jam in the world!

Theme: Role Reversal

Won: First Place

Bag Box
by OddBirds:
Joshua Cappelli, Shae Humphries, Cody Romphf, Benjamin Scott

Won: Second Place

by Netflix & Chillennium:
Meena Subramanian, Travis Stebbins, Stephanie Sykora

Won: Third Place

by Gumboot:
Brieyh'leai Simmons, Nic Lupfer

Won: VR

All Relative
by Vert Software (formerly Airoteam):
Nick Damon, Ethan Epley, Sam Simpson, Eric Zahn

Won: Sound

Baby Mama
by Purple Pickles:
Stephen Merendino, Vong Pha, Sarah Broussard, Andru Lynch

Won: Design

Gimme the Monet
Alex Cavasso, Kyle Oge, Grant Tabor, Mason Coleman-Lopez

Won: Programming

Life Savings Defense
by Feels Chilly-ennium In Here:
Matthewit Dechatech

Won: Art

San Francisc-Roll
by Ordinary Birds:
Devon Wiersma, Eleanor Chan, Gavin Finley, Brendan Muir


Cursed Dungeon
by Wildcats 2:
Filip Volf, Braedon Smith, Steven Zwahl


Furmoji Frenzy
by Studio Dingwing:
Lillian Fulton, Kyle Toom, Nathan McClain, Bri Priddle


Good Cop, Rad Cop
Tony Carr, Horus Vidal, Nicholas Chinnery


by Bee Chill:
David McCullough, Brandon Blakemore, Meredith Wingate


by Team Cardboard Box of Spiders 2: Return of Team Cardboard Box of Spiders:
Tomas Herrera

Crowd Favorite

No Milk
by Team Chill 'Em All:
Brandon Anderson, Ben Njus, Vivian Cavazos, Emma Hudroge

Aerosol Alley
by Young Pun-ks:
Kyle Estes, Sarah Brown, Chi Lee, Logan Hardin

by Hedgehog:
Daniel Mitchell

Agent for Whom?
by Whomst've:
Jeff Land, Zane Hedges, Johanne Conover, Andrei Osypov

by Roundabout:
Aniket Raj, Sean Blonien, Travis Lawrence

Ball Buster
by The Vindicators:
Ryan Chomistek, Gibson Strickland, Sierra Richardson, Callista Taliaferro

Bananas with Attitude
by The very best like no one ever was:
Jingyu Lu, Curtis Green, Qinqi "Bill" Wang

Beaver Fever
by Frederick & The Lab Bugs:
Trystan Jasperson, Stacie Mclaury, Mitchell Shannon

Bully Ball
by three windows one mac:
Keith Currivean, Andrew Leal, Adam, Marek, Darrel Marek

Bumper Bombs
by thebomb.org:
Bradley Kern, Austin Ruff, Eric Buxkemper, Daniel Valdez

Chamber Chase
by The Latent Ludologists:
Shicheng Zhou, Matthew Dailey, Anthony Smith, Heather Forbes

Children of the Candy Corn
by Chillennial Snowflakes:
Laura Adams, Sam Adlis, Chase Long, Duncan Reed

Cloak and Dagger
by Champ Chumps:
Jax Saunders, Thomas Gray, Josey Meyer

Color Reversal
by Table 22:
Nathan Brockway, Antonio Sanchez, Leo Desmond

Construction Cat
by Hyper Lazer Rave:
Ashley Roesler, Cody Dowell, Jacob Sembroski, Ian Simmons

Creepy Candy Caper
by Biterate Entertainment:
Ryan Pfeifer, Ben Bond, Pearce Perlinger, Kathryn Friesen

Cthulhu's Nightmare
by Chill Force 5:
Jared Wheeler, Grace Kuhlman, Madeline Zhao

Daniel in Distress
by Team Lyle:
Eryn Lyle, Liam Lyle

Dante's Quest
by RubberDucks:
Sydney Houk, Samantha Land, Cade Schaudel, Brian Lu

Dilophosaurus Dash
by Arbitrary Armadillos:
Annie Suther, Katherine Boyd, David Oh, Shelby Way

Do You Even Thief
by Apathetic Academics:
Nick Muniz, Steele Rouble, Daniel Chambers

Doat Escape
by Chill Alliens:
Art: Clayton D'mello, Ludi Dong, Saddha Santanaporn, Neesarg Banglawala

by Get the Thing:
Taylor Hobbs, Dylan Burton, Phuong Huynh, Yamen Al Masalmeh

by Filthy Casuals:
Antonia Jones, Matthew Wiecek, Miguelangel Trevino, Senobio Torres

Fire, Fighting
by Crucible:
Anna Waters, Emily Kincaid, Shamee Mahmud

Get Hooked
by Bad Games:
Jonathon Hernandez, Joshua Hernandez, Christopher Staud, Murtaza Hakimi

Gods Among Men (GAM)
by EagleHackers:
Eric Suedmeier, Zachary Langley, Zachary Eisenhauer

Guard Simulator
by Pantheon:
Grant Poquiz, Noah Reed, Christopher Fleischman

Hero Rush
by 4 | Corners:
Cody Mescal, Jared Fisher, Will Aman, Dakota Hensley

His Name is TURON
by 90s Space Hackers:
Wilinia Hamilton, Esther Joseph, Natalie Cluck

by BrickBoys:
Charles Ross, Kishan Patel, Christopher Kornosky

by Class A:
Will Pope, Ansley Partosa, James Sosso, John Ledesma

Le Meowmaid
by Upsetti Spaghetti:
Grace Fan, Yumei Li, Derek Li

Literally Literary
by P.A.N.:
Trevor Higgins, Jacob Batts, Austin Akerley

by Granty B and the Art Bois:
Tyler Reed, Nate Propp, Randall Villegas, Grant Branam

Mars MasterMind
by //NoComment:
Zac Christie, Jonathan Arauco, Chase Elander, Matt Rippy

by SpaceCRAFT UI:
Marissa Lara, Austin Miller, Chris Garza, Alex Sein

Night Shift
by Team Kween:
Danicka Oglesby, Aicha Boujnikh, Meghan Cook

Not Very Shoujo Of You
by Plant Kween:
Sarah Storey

Of Bytes and Men
by Wayside Blank Dogs:
Roger Villanueva, Nicholas Loesch, Gary Phelps

Our Story Begins...
by Nubblep:
Josiah Rise, Alec McGuire, Jamal Tagey

Paper Pond
by VizAvengers:
Ryan Sharpe, Shutong Liu, Anthony Eason

Plight of the Necromancer
by Beige Porcupines:
Scott Bannert, Jackson Webb, Victoria Rose Maxfield

Quest of the Dragon
by Start to Finish:
Sydney Yokochi, Frederick Lin

Rascal Run
by Two Dollars in Quarters:
Jesse Hendrix, Caleb Polansky, Ryland Grounds

Rerun, Rewind, Replay
by KSU Radioactive Turtles:
Aidan Kopp, Carson Holt, Carlos Cerna

Revenge of the Sheep
by The LAB rats:
Ashley Emerson, Logan Parmeter, Stephanie Alvord, Daniel Lujan

Revival Survival
by D4:
Alex Hudleston, SureeYowell, Caleb Perkins Fatima Valle

Roll Reversal
by Water in the Bottle, Wine in the Glass:
James Storey, Leslie Martin, Joshua Sheehy

by TheYargonauts:
Mason Rumuly

Shoot the box
by Doyboys:
Miles Hubscher, Duy Lai

Shroom Lab
by Maroon Catz Productions:
Merryll Dewabrata, Mark Wager, James Wong, Benjamin Wong

Jacque Keener, Ben Davis, Gable Stallings

by uwu:
Thomas Crain, Margaret Vakulenko, Vika Koshevarova, Veronica Liu

Squid Souls
by Bus Boys:
Lloyd Donelan

Still Kickin'
by The Elemelons:
Ross Carey, Kristine Chen, Nigel Coutinho, Larry Shen

Super Mess
by We Used To Go Here...:
William Bracho Blok, Abhishek Arora, Preston White, Harrison Baumann

by JavaBocs:
Nick Isom, Kyle Grabfelder

The Beaver Fever
by Frederick & The Lab Bugs:
Stacie McLaury, Trystan Jasperson, Mitchell Shannon

The Last Supper
by Straight as a Flower:
Lars Robertson, Travis McCale, Christon Tan

The Last Zombie
by Maximum Potential:
Ashlyn Brandenberger, Eduardo Fernando Calderon III, Austin Nelson, Sarah Waronoff

The Shadow Puppet
by The InnerCity Prawns:
Sandy Than, Bryan Wagner

The Sound of Music Wrestling with the Adventure of the Body Element at the for Girl Academy of Fun
by Jean-Claude van Team:
Michael Gray, Seanold Nelson

The Veggiexistence Farmer
by The Squirtle Squad:
Patrick Brennan, Caleb Dehaan

They Came from Earth
by The Old Bold and Brash:
Dalton Albrecht, Hunter Cleary, Seth Prugh, Jacob Michalke

Tower Offense
by Team NaN:
Anthony Lawn, Grant Barbee, Hudson Bielstein, Daniel Woodlief

Udder Destruction
by Angry Angus:
Ben Brown, Jordan Flood, Julian Jones

by Extravagant Minimalists:
Troy Edwards, Hector Puga, Gabby Boyd, Taylor Chojecki

Verto Transuerso
by Astro Goats:
Zubin Hathiram, Brent LeBleu, Diana Parra, Devon Youngbird

Villain Simulator 2017
by Walton Warriors:
Mubtasim Abrar, Matthew Libby, Lina Zhang

Welcome to Purrgatory
by Small Animal Management:
Dalton Williams, David Gipson, Sasha Brawn, Kolton Coats

World Peace
by Team Rocket:
Reece Kemball-Cook, Michael Twiss, Jeremy Gibson

Worlds Collide
by Neversleep:
Matt Engman

You Da Boss
by Flying Monkeys:
Jesse Molenda, Rayne Son, Lynette Wolf

by Chill'ville:
Nathan Kellman, Kirby Wilson, Robert Paraliticci, Daniel McBride


Chillennium 2016 saw a huge increase in popularity, with over 250 registered participants. With the games becoming more complicated, including games made for VR, Chillennium 2016 proved the quality of student-made games and secured Chillennium as the largest student game jam in the US.

Theme: Foofaraw

Won: First Place

Don't Rock The Boat
by BeeChill:
David McCullough, Brandon Blakemore

Won: Second Place

The Paw Parade
by Team Bombox:
Jacob Davis, Michael Bruner, Daniel Brossart, Emma Mercado

Won: Third Place

Goo Gully
by Vert Software (formerly Airoteam):
Nick Damon, Ethan Epley, Sam Simpson, Eric Zahn

Won: Art

Floofa's Revengence
by 4 Play:
Bryan Nguyen, Rogelio Hernandez, Manuel Marsical, Cassandra de la Torre

Won: Sound

by The Good, The Bad, & The Howdy:
Carolyn Hua, Erin Makela, Jessica McNeme, Logan Hardin

Won: Design

Foofs & Feathers
by Netflix & Chillennium:
Travis Stebbins, Jeanine Sybico, Eric Lewis, Meena Subramanian

Won: Programming

Lunch Rush!
by Whiskey EggNog:
William Bracho Blok, Eric Gonzalez, Austin Henry, Austin Ruff

Crowd Favorite

LAIKA: First Traveler Into Cosmos
by Spicy Ketchup:
Kyle Ruffin, Hannah Barnes, Veronica Liu, Alex An

by Insufficiently Evolved Apes:
Corder Guy, Josh Wright, Claudia McMillan, Garrett Spencer

Backyard Olympics
by PJ Party:
Trystan Jasperson, Robert Phelps

Bob the Businessman (Vampire)
by Team No Sleep:
Tomer Braff, Taylor Chojecki, Keaton Hedgecoke

by KRRV~:
Kristine Chen, Ross Carey, Raya Castaneda, Vong Pha

Clean Down
by 8-bit Nation:
Mohamed Suhail, Noemie Nakamura, Kasra Rahimi

Commodious Caoutchouc
by OB1:
Grant Branam, Tyler Reed, Thomas Stansel, Christopher Walka

Don't Have A Cow!
by Chillennials:
Ryan Tansey, Willer Da Silva, Ally Samaniego, Taylor Mullins

Enemy Of Playtime
by SegFaults:
Josephine Cornelius, Brieyh'leai Simmons, Brandon South

Fisty Cuffs
by Dronez:
Dallas Glowka, Cole Dube, Cody Blakeney, Jean-Michel Mailloux-Huberdeau

by Chillennium Falcon 2.0:
Bradley Kern, Ryan Garmeson, Jesse Hendrix, Nathan Kellman

Foofaraw Free4All: Take the Cake
by Flaming Burritos:
Eric Suedmeier, Yuan-Chi Lee, Jonathan Burk, Alex Farish

by vas Normandy:
Ashley St. John, Elizabeth Arciniega, Christopher Kornosky, James Gerity

Full Metal Foofaraw
by Pwegg:
Kyle Oge, Mason Coleman-Lopez, Alex Cavasso, Grant Tabor

Get Wrecked
by Frisky Sunshine 2k:
Clayton Wells, Ruben Valdez, Hannah Revelle, Nathan Lindig

Hacked Hospitality
by Bad Games Done Quick:
EJ Calderon, Austin Nelson, Sarah Waronoff, Jacob Rodgers

by Dream Team:
Jacob Moore, Juan Hector Puga, Blake Williford, Jordan Moore

Kami Modo (Game Jam Version)
by Neuroscapists:
Alexander Sladecek, Bryan Pereyra, Dylan Arceneaux, McLain Johnson

by Chill 7:
Alice Grishchenko, Bryan Wagner, Josiah Rise, Danielle Drummond

Life of Joe
by SGDA1:
Phuong Huynh, Benjamin Wong, Brandon Barnes, Shicheng Zhou

Ludic Laundry
by Sweet Skillz:
Ryan Sharpe, Krista Simandl, Miguel Perez (in spirit)

Magnificent Manic Morning
by Quotidian:
Raymond Barringer, Ryan Branson, Rachel Douglas, Justin Edwards

Mr. Foofarpaw
by Team Duck Sandwich:
Gerald Hu, Roger Villanueva, Rachel Maduro, Eric Buxkemper

by untitled:
Anthony Lawn, Grant Barbee

Occam's Castle
by InsertTeamNameHere:
Kean Horgan, John Graf, Ashley Sortors, Dylan Stearns

by Team ACCAD:
John Luna, Sarah Lawler, Zach Winegardner, Kevin Bruggeman

by Late:
Ford Hash, Benjamin Hamilton, Benjamin Tandy

Quest to Find All
by West Virginia University Game Developers Club:
Destiny Dunn, Connor Haynes, Jordan Hallow, Ryan Kubik

Running Latte
by Outside the Parallelepiped:
Andrei Osypov, Johanne Conover, Zane Hedges, JC Steed

Running Man
by Funky Town Mama Jamas:
Maisam Arif, Riley Trautmam, Rachel Campbell

Save Ant Friend
by The Squirtle Squad:
Patrick Brennan, Stacie McLaury, Caleb Dehaan, Scott McTighe

Shooting Star
Duy Lai, Miles Hubscher

SIC: Space is Crummy
by Baylor A:
Matt Horn, Dylan Hines, Matt Engman, Weston Straw

So Bow-y Cute
by Double Darling Duo Deluxe:
Fatima Valle, Alex Huddleston

Haley Migl, Amber Ackley, Alex Magee

Stuffie Team Six
by Nothing Dangerous:
Nic Lupfer

Super Foofaraw 2: Regeng of the Mentors Turbo
by Mentor Team:
Ben Mears, Chase Hardy, Mat Suarez, Adam Rehmann, Luiz Kruel

Take Out The Trash
by TBD:
Ryan Chomistek, Josh Aoki, Laura Toler

Tardigrade's Dangerous Day
by Team Nuggets:
Sandra Truong, Ryan McCormick

Tea Time
by Team Plasma:
Jasmine Derry, Anna Waters, Edward Choi

The devil is the detail
by Make it something clever:
Nick Boen

The Legend of P-Shooter Padgett
by The Alliance:
Spencer Rawls, Gabby Boyd, Harrison Froeschke, Troy Edwards

The Other End: Demo
by Baylor Team C:
Paul Rivas

The Perfect Burger
by Team Soliloquy:
Brent, Parakh, Ryan

The Rat's Ruffled Reliquary of Redemption
by Audacious Corpse:
Jax Saunders, Thomas Gray

The Rock
by Me, Myself, and I:
Brandon Shaver

by Team B.A.B.:
Brandon Anderson, Bridget Blankenship, Hong-Wen Tan

Tuesday Terror
by Pi Memorizer:
Kyle Toom

by Penguin Prism:
Laura Adams, Sam Adlis, Anne Lynch, Kyle Purser

Wiener World
by Baylor B:
Joey Tkach, Sean Blonien, Michael Franklin

You Are What You Eat
by Knockouts:
Matthew Reeves, Ariel Brown, Edwin de la Sierra, Jennifer Cummins


2015 marked the beginning of Chillennium, which itself grew out of a game jam hosted by the Texas A&M LIVE Lab in collaboration with the A&M Department of Visualization. With 35 participants in 12 teams, Chillennium 2015 provided a taste of what was to come.

Theme: Glitch

Won: First Place

Winner's Circuit
by Winners:
Anne Lynch, Justin Steptoe, Kyle Purser

Won: Second Place

Glitch: Aesthetic of Failure
by //no comment:
Chris Piggot, Nick Boen

Won: Third Place

Trouble in Dinoland
by Netflix and Chillennium:
Austin Payne, Meena Subramanian, Stephanie Sykora, Travis Stebbins

Won: Sound

by What:
Ashley Wright, Josephine Cornelius, Justin Bloomer

Won: Art & Programming

by Jank:
Jacob Lenzen, Jason Hilgemier

Won: Design

by Flaming Burritos:
Alex Farish, Eric Suedmeier, Jonathan Burk

Bario Breaker
by Fore:
Mathew Rago, Schaefer Mitchell, Yang Yang

by Game Changers:
Anthony Criscione, Laura Adams, Samuel Adlis, Troy Edwards

by From Time Import Sleep:
Chase Hardy, Michael Bruner, Michael Stephens

by 404:
AJ Cabanauan, Kyle Brown, Michael Head

Patch Tale
by Save State:
Ryan Chomistek, Sarah White, Justin Edwards

Too Many Limes
by Beast Master Go Lion:
James Storey, Samuel Hatfield
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