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Chillennium is at its heart a learning experience, and what better way to learn how to make games than from the awesome people that do it for a living?

Mentors will be on the jam floor actively participating in the game creation process with attendees. Mentors will not be allowed to actually create content for the games or participate in the judging process. However, they will be with participants throughout the weekend to share their knowledge and experience, answer questions, and offer their advice on techniques and designs.

Mentors will also be provided meals, snacks, and on-site resting areas, so if you are interested in mentoring, please contact us! Though do note that Chillennium is not able to provide hotel accommodations, so please plan accordingly.

Check out some of the amazing mentors who provided their expertise at Chillennium 2018!

Luis Cataldi

Luis Cataldi has been working in the computer graphics industry for over 20 years in various roles including character TD, animator, lighter, environment artist, FX TD and art director. His work has appeared in television, music videos, theme parks rides, animated feature films such as “Robots” and “Ice Age II” and AAA video games. In 2005, Luis was one of the founding members of Kaos Studios in NYC as the art director. In the role, he built an art team to deliver "Frontlines: Fuel of War" and “Homefront." In the late 1990's Luis became an animation instructor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and later moved into the full-time role of professor and Department Chair of Game Development and Interactive Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Luis joined Epic Games in 2014 to help build the educational community around the amazing Unreal Engine and currently serves as the Global Education Evangelist.

Tom Shannon

Tom Shannon is a Technical Artist at Epic Games in the Education department where he focuses on developing content and resources that help students, educators and individuals learn and teach Unreal Engine 4. As a Technical Artist, Tom is adept at lighting, materials, visual effects, Blueprints, UMG and production pipelines. Tom has been developing games and visualizations for 15+ years and has helped individuals and studios ship games, simulations and interactive experiences using Unreal Engine for over a decade.

Laura Adams

I have worked as the lead software engineer at the LIVE Lab, and have worked at Triseum, LLC and Jackbox Games. I have been involved in 6 shipped/soon-to-be-shipped games and specialize in gameplay programming. I am also obsessed with penguins!

Gracie Arenas Strittmatter

Gracie Arenas Strittmatter is Technical Art Director at BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts (EA), in Austin, Texas. A 10-year veteran of the gaming industry, she works on Anthem and holds credits on multiple AAA titles including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Madden NFL, NBA Live, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. She is passionate about leadership development, problem solving, and creating art tools and workflows in Python and C#. Gracie has volunteered with ACM SIGGRAPH for 16 years and currently serves as SIGGRAPH 2019 Real-Time Live! Chair. She is a Global Co-Chair for EA’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Resource Group and actively partners with EA University Relations to introduce students to careers in games. Gracie also serves on the industry board for the Texas A&M Department of Visualization. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Visualization Sciences from Texas A&M University.

Tyler Padgett

Tyler Padgett is a UX Designer at BitLoft Studios, and a Texas A&M Alumni. He was the Lead Designer at the LIVELab in the Langford Architecture Center and was the Event Director for Chillennium in 2017. He enjoys cheeseburgers, video games, and long walks through the mountains.

Bradley Kern

Participated in Chillennium many times as an undergrad, was a member of Texas A&M's own LIVE Lab, and ended up persuing (and achieving) a career in the games industry because of Chillennium.

Reid Tracy

Reid has been a game designer for 3 years since graduating from Texas A&M. He has experience in all parts of the design pipeline from working at Triseum and BitLoft. He worked in and has mentored to A&M's LIVE Lab and was there when Chillennium was first started, but hasn't been able to participate until now.

Willer Da Silva

I graduated from A&M in 2017 with a Computer Science degree. During my time at A&M, I was a programmer at the LIVE Lab and gained a lot of experience with video game programming, as well as participating in several game jams. I went on to become employed at Bitloft as a Software Engineer.

Ben House

I'm a technical artist at Bluepoint Games where I develop procedural tools and workflows to support the production team. I've taught courses on game development and procedural content creation, and am familiar with scripting and development in Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Houdini, and Substance Designer. I'm also a Viz alumni and helped co-found Chillennium.

Kyle Purser

I studied Computer Science at Texas A&M with minors in Art and Game Development. I first started working on video games in 2015 when I was hired at the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M where I worked as a developer and later became the Lead Developer. Throughout the years I have competed in multiple game jams including the first ever Chillenium in 2015 where I, along with two teammates, won first place overall. After graduating I was hired by a company called Next Generation Esports in Los Angeles, CA as a generalist game developer on a new team that was being built. I now still work with the same team under our companies new name Saltyverse.

Anthony Fleshner

I am currently a software engineer at Playful Corp in Dallas, TX where I worked on titles such as Super Lucky's Tale and Star Child. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in 2012. I earned a Masters of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development with a specialization in Software Engineering from Guildhall at Southern Methodist University in 2016. I have been employed at Playful Corp 2016 - present.

Kurt Williams

Kurt Williams is a Visual Effects artist at Bluepoint Games. A Houdini user for over 18 years, with experience working at many studios including CORE Digital Pictures, Rhythm & Hues, Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks Animation, Double Negative, Riot Games and a few other places. Alumni of Seneca Collages Digital Animation program. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada and currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Austin Ruff

Austin Ruff is a tools and UI programmer, currently at the LIVE Lab. Previously worked at Playful Corp. Has experience in Unreal and Unity, as well as in graphics programming.

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