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Chillennium is at its heart a learning experience, and what better way to learn how to make games than from the awesome people that do it for a living?

Mentors will be on the jam floor actively participating in the game creation process with attendees. Mentors will not be allowed to actually create content for the games or participate in the judging process. However, they will be with participants throughout the weekend to share their knowledge and experience, answer questions, and offer their advice on techniques and designs.

Mentors will also be provided meals, snacks, and on-site resting areas, so if you are interested in mentoring, please contact us! Though do note that Chillennium is not able to provide hotel accommodations, so please plan accordingly.

Check out the amazing mentors from Chillennium 2017!

Sean Bellinger

Sean has 15 years of experience creating visually compelling 3D art/visual effects for film, games, AR/VR, and training simulations.

Ryan Benno

Ryan has worked in the games industry as an Environment Artist for the last 9 years, working on such titles as: Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4), Ratchet and Clank (PS4), Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, The Wolf Among Us Season 1, and Walking Dead Season 1.

Chuck Bird

Chuck Bird is a problem solver. He's currently the Manager of Special Projects at Six Foot. He attended art school and then ended up in IT and is now an operations manager and a wizard of awesome. He has been with Six Foot for 10 years. He has the chops.

Cody Bradley

Cody is a Producer for Six Foot. He’s a graduate of Texas A&M (WHOOP) and has worked in the games industry for the past 10 years. When Cody is not steering the Six Foot Dev Team towards milestones, he can be found enjoying a round of Hearthstone on his phone and watching WWE Wrestling.

Kelly Burroughs

Kelly R. Burroughs is a recent graduate from Texas A&M University's Visualization department. Burroughs is currently working at two jobs between Dallas and College Station. In Dallas, Burroughs is working full-time as an apprentice at Hurst Digital: Video Production and Animation. In College Station, Burroughs works remotely/part-time as the Design Project Manager at the Benjamin Knox Art Gallery. During her free time, Burroughs works freelance for companies which can range from graphic design, creating 3D environments, videography, and photography. Burroughs hopes to one day work as a 2D/3D Generalist and then evolve into an art director for a large animation company.

Sam von Gillern

Sam von Gillern is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. His research focuses on how people learn through and interpret video gameplay experiences. He published his Gamer Response and Decision Framework in the journal Simulation and Gaming. He's also published work on game-based learning in outlets such as The International Journal of Technologies in Learning as well as the Handbook of Research on Gaming Trends in P-12 Education. Sam has also presented his research at multiple conferences, including the Games Learning Society Conference.

Joel Goodsell

I began writing amateur games for the TRS-80 Color Computer in the early 80’s. In 1994, I took my first professional game industry job at Disney as the level designer on Gargoyles for the Sega Genesis. I spent seven years at Disney, a year at a small startup, four years at THQ, and another two years at Disney before coming to Insomniac Games in 2007. At Insomniac I’ve worked on Resistance 2 and 3, Ratchet and Clank A Crack In Time and Ratchet and Clank for the PS4, Fuse, Sunset Overdrive, and am currently working on Spider-Man PS4.

Dustin Han

I have been with Insomniac Games for 4 months now as an Associate Character TD. I came back to continue working on the Spiderman PS4 game after a 3 month internship during the Summer of 2016. I work mostly on prop and character setup as well as scripting tools to help support the rigging, art, and animation pipelines. I was also an MS student in Texas A&M’s Visualization Department.

Chase Hardy

Chase graduated from TAMU in 2015 and has two years of experience working as a Level Designer at Triseum on the Calculus Adventure Game, Variant: Limits. He has experience in all parts of the Design process. He participated in one of the first Chillennium Game Jams and can’t wait to see what the contestants will produce this year.

Greg Heath

Greg Heath is a Core Games Technical Manager at Six Foot. Greg has been working in the games industry for over 15 years and has held a variety of roles across multiple disciplines including Lead Game Designer as well as Lead Game Engineer. When not working, Greg enjoys playing Minecraft with his kids or finding a nice cozy place to settle with his 3DS and a thermos of hot coffee.

Karen LeBlanc

Karen is a Recruiter for Six Foot. She’s been working at Six Foot for 3 years. As a Recruiter, Karen considers herself a connector of dreams and people, and that is not a responsibility she takes lightly.

Daniy Oberle

I'm an Audio Artist III at BioWare in Austin. I have been doing audio professionally since 2006. I've mostly working in Game Audio but also in Audio Post Production and A/V.

Emma Mercado

Emma has a year's worth of experience in lighting, pipeline, and 3D art experience with Triseum.

Rod Parong

Rod Parong is a Principal Artist at Insomniac Games’ Burbank (Calif.) studio currently working on Spider-man PS4. He creates high quality AAA content for environments and cinematics. During his time at Insomniac, Rod has worked on Award winning Sunset Overdrive.

Rod is credited with more than 25 titles from Insomniac Games and Novalogic Inc., including series from Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Oculus VR Edge of Nowhere and Feral Rites, and Delta Force. In his free time, Rod enjoys spending time with his wife, being schooled by his son in videogames, and nurturing his daughter’s artistic talents. He is an active volunteer with his church’s youth ministry where he enjoys serving as a summer camp counselor.

Jeffrey Pease

2 Years of QA at SCEA
1 Year QA at SOE
5 Years Game Master at Blizzard Entertainment
1 Year as lead QA specialist at Cloud Imperium Gaming
1 Year as LiveOps Technician at Cloud Imperium Gaming
4 Months DevOps Engineer at Cloud Imperium Gaming

David Santiago

The last 5 years of David’s 20 years in Visual Effects, Animation and Games has been at Insomniac Games. He has supervised, consulted, mentored and taught many disciplines, but currently concentrates on developing procedural systems for all areas of a game including design, environment, gameplay, UI, audio, lighting and integration.

Mat Suarez

Mat has been working in the video game industry since 2014. He says that it's been both exciting and challenging. Every week there is a new problem to solve and something new to learn. He says he’s been fortunate enough to have some really great mentors which has afforded me many opportunities to observe and absorb their talents. He thrives on having problems to solve and loves playing video games, so working as a Technical Artist in game development has been extremely engaging, gratifying, and fun for him!

Cameron Slayter

Cameron is the lead game designer at Virtuix. He and his team make games for the Omni, an omni-directional treadmill that lets players physically run in games. He has been working at Virtuix since graduating from the Viz program at A&M in 2014. He says that working at a small startup company has given him the ability to work in many of the different disciplines in game development, including game design, programming, level design and production.

Matthew Tobiason

Matt is a Senior Game Designer for Six Foot. He’s been working in games for about 10 years and enjoys games of all kinds.

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