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Chillennium has had a number of extraordinary judges throughout the years, and we will continue this trend for Chillennium 2018. If you are an industry professional interested in judging Chillennium 2018, don't hesitate to contact us!

Check out some of the amazing judges who provided their expertise at Chillennium 2018!

Jake Ross

Jake started out in the industry as a Client Producer for CGBot and jumped over to Cloud Imperium Games in January of 2014. He is now the most senior producer in Austin and has experience managing various departments such as Art, Design, Animation, and Server Engineering. He also manages the Live Releases of our product, Star Citizen, which has broken world records for being the most crowd-funded product of all time. His main job is acting as the voice of CIG's Austin studio, constantly communicating with the other CIG studios spread out across the globe in LA; Manchester, UK; Derby, UK; and Frankfurt, Germany. He ensures the Austin developers are meeting their deadlines, tracks their tasks, and removes any blockers that impede them from getting their work done. Jake is a former student of the Texas A&M Department of Visualization, having graduated with a BS in Visualization in 2011 and an MS in Visualization in 2013.

Gordon Walton

Gordon Walton has been authoring games and managing game development since 1977. He is currently President of Art & Craft Entertainment, Inc., which is building the crowdfunded MMO Crowfall™. Prior positions include VP and Exec Producer at Playdom Austin, VP and co-Studio General Manager at BioWare Austin working on Star Wars®: The Old Republic™, VP, Executive Producer and Studio Manager at Sony Online Entertainment in Austin, working on an unannounced product and Star Wars Galaxies at Sony Online Entertainment, prior to this he was VP and Executive Producer of The Sims Online at Electronic Arts/Maxis, and in the same role for Origin Systems managing Ultima Online™; He also served as Senior VP and General Manager of Kesmai Studios, where he oversaw the development of several MMOGs including Air Warrior™ and Multiplayer Battletech™. Gordon has owned and managed two development companies and was development manager for both Three-Sixty Pacific and Konami of America, Inc. He has personally developed more than 40 commercial games and has overseen the development of more than 200 games. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University with a minor in electrical engineering.

Tony Bratton

An Electrical Engineer turned video game developer, Tony has been making games and game-related technology for the last 27 years. His career has taken him to Austin-based studios both large and small (Origin Systems/Electronic Arts, Titanic Entertainment, Digital Anvil/Microsoft, Junction Point/Disney), platforms ranging from PC to consoles (PS3/PS4/Vita, XBox/XB360/XB1, Wii/Switch) to mobile, and titles such as Ultima VII: The Black Gate, NetStorm: Islands At War, Freelancer, and both Disney Epic Mickey releases.

Tony is the Manager and Director of Technology for 22nd Century Toys LLC (http://22ndtoys.com), an Austin-based studio specializing in helping indie developers bring their games to the Playstation 4, XBox One, and Switch platforms. Recent releases include Night in the Woods, Minit, and Enter the Gungeon.

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