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Chillennium has had a number of extraordinary judges throughout the years, and we will continue this trend for Chillennium 2018. Check out our judges from Chillennium 2017! If you are an industry professional interested in judging Chillennium 2018, don't hesitate to contact us!

Check out the amazing judges from Chillennium 2017!

Estevan Aviles

Estevan Aviles is a seasoned festival coordinator with a focus on gaming and emerging technologies. After being a founding team member of SXSW Gaming and the VR/AR track at SXSW, Estevan now manages all competitions, organized play, and festival programming elements at SXSW Gaming. He also enjoys community development and spends most of his time connecting closely with communities of gamers across the country so that he can bring them into the fold of the SXSW family of events happening in Austin, Texas each year.

Jakobsen Beck

Creative and multi-disciplinary designer utilizing an analytical approach to high quality game production focused on the end user’s complete experience. So yeah... I make vidja games. Spent the past four years in the industry performing various tasks running the gambit of level/game/narrative design, producing, and public relations. If it is an action required to make a game, I have probably performed it! And hopefully performed it to some standard resembling that of "acceptable". My current work - narrative design on Children of Morta by Dead Mage Studios. Ask me about it. I love to act like I know what I am talking about!

Tony Bratton

An Electrical Engineer turned video game developer, Tony has been making games and game-related technology for the last 26 years. His career has taken him to Austin studios both large and small (Origin Systems/Electronic Arts, Titanic Entertainment, Digital Anvil/Microsoft, Junction Point/Disney), platforms ranging from PC to consoles (PS3/PS4/Vita, XBox/XB360/XB1, Wii/Switch) to mobile, and titles such as Ultima VII: The Black Gate, NetStorm: Islands At War, Freelancer, and both Disney Epic Mickey releases.

Tony is the Manager and Director of Technology for 22nd Century Toys LLC (22ndtoys.com), an Austin-based studio specializing in providing high quality development services to game teams around the world.

Tony Evans

Tony is a jack-of-all-trades game designer, writer, and producer whose career began over 20 years ago when he camped in Activision's parking lot until they gave him a job. Since then he’s served several storied studios such as New World, Totally Games, Obsidian, BioWare, and WildWorks, and been part of a plethora of particular projects on plenty of peculiar platforms (say that 10 times fast). Tony is a fan of science, show tunes, strange French games, the 80’s, legendary literature, alliteration, and properly punctuated run-on sentences. He has the dubious distinction of being one of the few people on Earth to have earned the Nerd Trifecta achievement by having developed games for the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dungeons & Dragons properties. In his free time he folds origami, does yoga, memorizes song lyrics and useless trivia, and posts crazy game ideas on Twitter. Recently, Tony transmigrated to Texas to be the Design Director of Nerd Kingdom.

Robert Gaither

I started in the industry at Gearbox in 2009 and currently work as a tech designer for Star Citizen at Cloud Imperium Games in Austin. Indie games are a personal passion and I’m excited to be a part of a game jam in a role that doesn't require me to lose any more sleep than I already do.

Nick Hester

Nick is currently a software engineer. He has experience in game design and software engineering for both professional and hobbyist game development. He has personally published an app using Unity.

Jake Lenzen

Jake has worked as the Lead Game Designer of Triseum for the past year, and worked at the LIVE lab in the same position for 2 years before that.

Adam May

Adam May is a Game Developer and CG Artist with over 11 years of development experience. After graduating from Art School with a degree in Computer Science he began his career creating characters for video games.

At Gearbox Software for over 9 years now, he works with some of the most imaginative and talented teams in game development as Art Director; creating and developing the wacky and wild worlds of the Borderlands, Duke Nukem, and Brothers-in-Arms franchises as well as many, many other great games.

Rebecca Migl

I am a recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's of Science in Visualization. At Triseum I work mostly in Houdini, Substance Designer and Unity modeling and surfacing for environments. I've got 2+ years of experience working in a game production pipeline and one of my defining principles is a commitment to efficiency and proceduralism in games!

Jake Ross

Jake started out in the industry as a Client Producer for CGBot and jumped over to Cloud Imperium Games in January of 2014. He is now the sole development producer in Austin and has experience managing various departments such as Art, Design, Animation, and Server Engineering. He also manages the Live Releases of our product, Star Citizen, which has broken world records for being the most crowd-funded product of all time. His main job is acting as the voice of CIG's Austin studio, constantly communicating with our other studios spread out across the globe in LA; Manchester, UK; Derby, UK; and Frankfurt Germany. He ensures the Austin developers are meeting their deadlines, tracks their tasks, and removes any blockers that impede them from getting their work done. Jake is a former student of the Texas A&M Department of Visualization, having graduated with a BS in Visualization in 2011 and an MS in Visualization in 2013.

Sarah Spofford

Sarah has worked for EA Sports for 3 and a half years now on Madden. She works mainly on the connected franchise mode (CFM) helping to build it and bring it online so players can play in fantasy leagues with their friends.

Stephen Swirsky

Stephen is a designer, artist, video editor, and composer raised in Texas with a strong passion for anything creative. With experience in freelance, contract, and company work Stephen thrives in connecting to his audience through engaging art that has lasting impact. With music, Stephen has experience playing in symphonic bands, worship bands, and writing his own compositions using DAW software. Stephen has created musical scores for multiple animation projects and, most recently, for Triseum’s educational video game ARTe: Mecenas. Currently, Stephen continues to follow his passions through music and art by working as a Multimedia Artist at Triseum in Bryan, Texas.

Aaron Thibault

Aaron is Vice President of Strategic Operations at Gearbox Software.

Aaron is currently leading long term strategic initiatives at independent developer Gearbox Software. Aaron has provided executive direction and leadership in all facets of videogame production at Gearbox since early 2007 when he joined the small core team on the first Borderlands game. He has 20 years’ experience making games and educating game developers, prior to which he worked in urban music promotions and production on national campaigns and new artist development.

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